M.G World Vision school is a state of art set up which has been very thoughtfully developed. The architecture of the building has been designed to ensure all the educational program and the co-scholastic activities that are carried out in the school with utmost ease and comfort. The sprawling expanse of the school building adds to its beauty. The interior of each classroom, auditorium and the semi olympic sized swimming pool has been done by the USA based company called E.D.A Pvt. Ltd.


Each classroom has been designed on International parameter, sized a minimum of 22ft by 24ft, fitted with 5ft by 5ft to glass windows and 4ft by 4ft glass doors to ensure lights view and safety of students in every manner and huge windows for proper ventilation. The floor is vinyl and the subject dedicated rooms equipped with white lacquered boards QLED screens and sound system same as those in IIT's. All the learning studios are Wi-Fi enabled and house a rich library of the books along with audio and visual aids of the subject to which the class room is dedicated.


Knowing the importance of library, the school came up with an exquisite library spread over two reading is made a pleasure for the kids. The younger ones use the ground reading room and the elder ones use the reading room and the elder ones use the superbly comfortable but is also especially designed to ensure the motto of play and read.


MG World Vision has come up with a especially designed Fun Zone designed by Fun Riders India spread in a huge area of 33ft by 100ft, where there are safe rides for kids who enjoy and learn at the same time.


MG World Vision School takes prides in having an indoor semi Olympic sized swimming pool 82.02ft by 27ft and 4.5 ft depth, which addresses to the standards laid down by FINA i.e. International Swimming Federation. The school has a especially designed kids pool separate from the senior pool with dimensions of 22ft by 7ft and depth 2ft.


The school has a beautiful amphitheater for the students which serves as a socializing area, wherein the students happily interact with each other. Its also an informal area where the students perform enactments, conduct themebased assemblies, debate with each other on topics of pertinence or just chill with their friends.